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My name is Mayo.    I am 58 years old. 

I  was a piano teacher in the past 30 years.  I had a wonderful studio and very talented students.  Many of my students won highest prizes in the State. Some of them later became professional musicians.  I love to teach my students.

For many years, I had some depression  symptoms . I was using Prozac to control my condition.  It worked.

3 Years ago, I suddenly developed very severe OCD (obsession compulsive disorder).  Prozac was no longer effective for me.  My doctor gave me more drugs for relieving my condition. However, I didn't get better.  I have lost ability to teach.

I had frequent thoughts that I didn't want to live any more.

Two  month ago, I started to use all natural  Beee Smart One per Day Dark Chocolate Candy.  I felt much more stable than before.  I started to have desire to live.

I will keep using the  Beee Smart Candies.

Mayo   on March17, 2015
Now I have Desire to Live!
3 Years ago
My Piano Studio recital
Worst time
My name is Rose, and I am 77 years old.  

There were many tragedies happened in my life and my family.  For many years, I felt the future was very dark and hopeless.

My doctor told me that I was depressed. The doctor prescribed me Prozac for treating my depression.  Prozac was effective for relieving  my depression condition.  I felt better by using Prozac.   I had been using Prozac for 10 years until recently.

A few months ago, I started to use all natural  Beee Smart One per Day Dark Chocolate Candy.   After the first month, I felt much more positive about life.  I decided to reduce my Prozac dosage little by little each day. 

2  months later, my doctor said that I was OK, not depressed any more.  I stopped using any Prozac and still felt very good.

I am so happy for having All natural Beee Smart One per Day Dark Chocolate.

Rose   on March 19, 2015
I am Out of Depression!
In progress
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All Natural Beee Smart Chocolate for Your Happiness, Brightness and Welbeing
In progress
I Feel Better than Ever in My Life!  
Mayo      on Jun 30, 2016
I am Out of Deep Depression and OCD
by Using Beee Smart Chocolate

My name is Mayo.  I was deeply depressed in the past 4 years.   My 65 years old Psychiatrist told me that he has never seen anyone so depressed like me.  I wanted to finish my life many times.   I used many different kind drugs to maintain my base line.  However, I didn't get better.

Since last year, I used one per day Beee Smart chocolate for about 12 months.  I didn't use it every day.  I only used one piece every couple days.  Ever since, I was getting better everyday. 

Now I have completely out of depression and return to normal.  I don't need to use Chocolate any more.  My Psychiatrist told me that he has never expected me to recover.  He was very pleased.

Beee Smart chocolate has saved my life. 
Mayo      on Jun 1, 2018
My name is Mayo.  I always love playing classic music on my Steinway piano since I was 5 years old.  I always felt that classic music is my soul and my piano is my best companion.

However, during 2012 and 2016,  I was deeply depressed.  First time in my life, I totally lost interest in music and piano.  I didn't touch the piano in 5 years.  I thought that I would never touch that big piece of black furniture again!

After I used  Beee Smart chocolate, I was getting better everyday.  The depression and OCD  disappeared.  I don't need to use Beee Smart Chocolate anymore. 

In January 2017, I started to touch the piano again. Amazingly, my passion for classic music and playing piano came back.  Now I can play piano better than ever!

I feel so joyful and would like to share my performance with you.
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